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Permaculture Design
Certification in the Peidmont

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Alyssa McKim 

Alyssa received her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2009, at  Yestermorrow Build and Design School in Vermont. She spent time living and learning about the indigenous cultures of Mexico and Peru, and she started an organic herbal body care and medicinal tea business called Simple Abundance. 
     Recently she received her Permaculture Teacher Training Certificate from Pandora Thomas and Lisa DiPiano of  Permaculutre FEAST.  She holds a masters in Agricultural Education from North Carolina A&T State University.
     Alyssa now lives in Greensboro, NC, teaching and sharing her love and knowledge of farming, gardening, and regenerative holistic food and medicine systems. Her goal is to cultivate informed and inspired agents of change. She is especially interested in encouraging the understanding of the inter-connectedness of all living things. Her hope is that students bring that understanding to their work and their lives, which will foster more appreciation for collaboration and diversity.

Jenny Kimmel